Open the door to our classrooms and studio spaces and you'll reveal a world of wide-eyed wonder. Where with music, props, paint pots, and a bit of imagination shape futures filled with promise and possibility.



AGES 0 - 7

Through music, your child will explore language, literacy, motor skills, emotional and social skills - and of course, musicality. Giving your child the experience of learning in a caring, loving and safe environment will help them blossom with confidence and grow in leaps and bounds! 



Our music lessons encourage, foster and nurture your young musician’s personal growth. Instructors are trained to understand your child’s learning style and personality for a true student-centered experience. It’s not about creating another Mozart - it’s about filling your child’s heart with a life-long love of music.



We have crafted each dance offering with the student in mind to create a warm, welcoming and accepting environment. Your dancer will love making new friends and experiencing how he or she develops through creative movement. Your passionate and experienced teachers will value each dancer for who he or she is, and will inspire each to continue their journey in dance!



Each theatre class invites curiosity, skill building and innovative approaches to the telling of stories through acting. Your child will learn age appropriate techniques in drama, singing and dance. In the spirit of teamwork, classmates support each other and learn from each other. From this, your child will enjoy deep friendship, bolster her self-confidence and self-esteem, experience the joy of teamwork toward a common goal, and experience a passion for theatrical story telling.



Tickle your child’s imagination fancy with themed visual arts classes that collaborate with Thrive’s other arts offerings such as Kindermusik and musical theatre classes. We will also have fun monthly themed classes to encourage your budding artists to express themselves.


Since Thrive Arts is a community of arts-loving families and friends, we love to invent reasons to get together. Our special event offerings will be informed largely from our clients. In addition to performances, we want to extend the opportunities to learn, laugh and create together.