Open the door to our classrooms and studio spaces and you'll reveal a world of wide-eyed wonder. Where music, dance, paint pots, and a bit of imagination shape futures filled with promise and possibility.

Thrive Arts Center - 100% Happiness Guarantee

Worry free enrollment! Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button, and refund the balance of your tuition. 


AGES 0 - 5

Music is the key to unlocking your child's creativity, intelligence, and potential. Music has been proven to be the best way to stimulate brain development in children, to give them the strongest foundations to grow and thrive.  

Giving your child the experience of learning in a caring, loving and safe environment will help them blossom with confidence and grow in leaps and bounds! Your child's love of music will warm your heart and you'll know you've given them a very precious gift.  

Together, we can give your child the best start to life. 



Uncover the inner musician that resides in each of us. Our music lessons encourage, foster and nurture your young musician’s personal growth. Instructors are trained to understand your child’s learning style and personality for a true student-centered experience. It’s all about filling your child’s heart with a life-long love of music.



Your child will develop an enthusiasm for dance through our welcoming environment that encourages effort and creativity. We crafted each dance offering with the student in mind to create a warm, welcoming and accepting environment. Your dancer will love making new friends and experiencing how he or she develops through creative movement. Your passionate and experienced teachers will value each dancer for who he or she is, and will inspire each to continue their journey in dance!



Tickle your young artist's imagination fancy. From the wide-eyed wonder of the child to the seasoned, observant eye of the adult, your inner artist will love the deep sensory experiences of the visual arts. Seeing the world as an artist, and ever-skillfully expressing through line, color, texture, light and shadow, your artist will find fascination and beauty all around. Expressing oneself through art is a gift that will last a lifetime.


Since Thrive Arts is a community of arts-loving families and friends, we love to invent reasons to get together. Our special event offerings will be informed largely from our clients. In addition to performances, we extend opportunities to learn, laugh and create together. You should join us!