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Big Dreams Ahead

Thrive is a place where every child can pursue their interests and talents. With an extensive catalog filled with arts experiences and more than 20 years of expertise in music and movement, our dedicated staff is focused on nurturing personal growth. We are able to offer individually-curated experiences that allow your child to grow and learn and love what they do here. At Thrive, we know what makes hearts beat a little faster—how to find that on-switch that lights up faces—and we look forward to each and every opportunity to do just that.

The Curtain

From the first sweet sound of tiny voices singing, we knew. We began sharing our love of music with children through Kindermusik of Cleveland in 1996. And from that cherished first experience, we were committed to inspiring children and families through the arts.

Every day we were able to see the impact that our patient and nurturing arts education had on little ones. And every time a child would graduate from our program, we longed to continue inspiring this magic beyond those age limits. We wanted to create a community that nourishes the curiosity, creativity, and burgeoning love of the arts to continue indefinitely. So we built it. And we call it Thrive Arts.

Thrive is an arts center that celebrates each child. Beginning with Kindermusik—and extending into instrument and voice lessons, dance, and visual arts—we allow students of every age to sing, move and express themselves without feeling judged. Thrive is a place where students can learn at their own pace, in their own way.


Thrive Arts promises to foster curiosity, confidence, collaboration, and community every day, and with every opportunity.

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A Little Note

"We feel so fortunate that our success is measured in smiles and hugs, drawings and notes, and sweet stories. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to bring the arts that we cherish into your lives, and for welcoming us into your wonderful families."

— Cathy and Kevin Huser
Founders of Thrive Arts Center


the Thrive Difference
Our Values

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Let’s Dream Together

In order for a child to follow their dreams, they first have to dream them. At Thrive we encourage dreams to take flight. Curiosity and confidence emerges with the trying of new things. Each child at Thrive is on a path, enriching their lives along the way with music, dance and art.


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Let’s Play Together

Our journey is so much more nourishing, and our celebrations so much more joyful, when we are with friends working together, sharing our challenges, exchanging ideas and mixing things up. And in this environment, artistic curiosity leads to a beautiful blending of ideas, goals, and dreams.

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Let’s Express Together

Your child is wonderfully unique and has so much to share with us! At Thrive, we believe that each student deserves to pursue their interests and express the arts in their own way. Your passionate and experienced teachers will value each student for who he or she is, and will inspire each to continue their journey in the arts! Our developmentally appropriate instruction will ensure that each learning experience is the perfect fit for your child.

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Let’s Laugh Together

Here we're in love with the creative potential of wonder. Experience magical memorable moments that ignite a desire to be creative, to move expressively, and to love making music. Our passionate instructors will infuse sparkle and joy into your experience, creating an enthusiastic celebration of personal progress. The possibilities are endless!

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Let’s Learn Together

Celebrating the process of learning and the intrinsic value of advancing along their chosen path is a wonderful gift for your student. Your child will learn to love the process of creating as much as the end result. And you will love watching your student reach their goals when they love the activities that get them there.  

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Let’s Grow Together

When expanding the mind and learning new skills, unconditional acceptance from family and friends is key. At Thrive, you’ll hear loving words of support for your child from instructors and peers alike as they progress, and as they explore new ideas and try new things.


Wonderful music, dance and art opportunities from teachers who are passionate about the arts. They are fostering a love of the arts for my kids. 

- Yan L.

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Meet Our Team


Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is your makeup policy for Kindermusik, Dance, and Art Classes?

You missed a class (we're sad, too). Here's what you need to know. Makeups belong exclusively to your student who missed class (non-transferable). And - good news! The ability to make up a missed class goes on forever (we love an epic story), as long as your student is currently enrolled with us when scheduling and attending your makeup class.

And as an added bonus, you can use the makeup in any of our Kindermusik, Dance, and Art classes as long as there is an open spot available and the stated age of the class is appropriate for your child. For example, maybe your Kindermusik student wants to try Art, or Dance!

We know that you may want to just pop in on a whim, but reservations keep things smooth for everyone. We want to make sure that we have room for you! And, because scheduling a makeup takes up a spot in that class, we ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if your plans change.

Please note: If you cancel within 24 hours or you don't show up for the class, we consider this a used makeup.

Here's what to do:

  1. Let us know you are going to miss a class. Thank you - this will open up a spot for another student.
  2. Look at the schedule of classes and choose your makeup options.
  3. Contact us with your makeup choice. Choose the best contact option for you:

+ What is your makeup policy for Music Lessons?

Taking music lessons benefit the student in many ways - academically, physically, socially, and in areas of discipline, self-esteem, and more. Students who regularly attend scheduled lessons and practice their new skills benefit most. Music lesson makeups should be completed in the current school year session of your missed lessons.

How it works: If your instructor cancels a lesson, they are required to make it up. They will reach out to you in advance to schedule your makeup lesson. If you are going to miss a lesson and you let us know at least 24 hours in advance, your instructor is not required to make it up but is highly encouraged to do so and will do their very best to find an open spot in their schedule to make up your missed lesson. If you cancel within 24 hours, or do not arrive for your lesson, your instructor is not required to make up the missed lesson.

Music Lesson teachers have very full schedules. We know that your schedules are also busy. In order to make it easier for you to make up missed lessons, we will offer group lessons once a month at Thrive. These will vary in themes - theory, rhythm and movement, performance classes, composers, and more creative and wonderful presentations from our fabulous team of teachers. Group classes are a great way to make up missed lessons, get to know other students and teachers, and have an enriching musical experience.

+ How does your rewards program work?

You’ve enrolled in a class or lesson at Thrive and you’ve already earned Rewards Points!

How to accumulate points.   Thrive gives you Customer Rewards points that you can use to pay for future purchases. It’s automatic!

  • For every enrollment dollar you spend at Thrive you earn rewards points.
  • Refer a Friend - for every family, new to Thrive, whom you refer who enrolls at Thrive, you will receive 800 points!

If you want to know your rewards points balance, we'll be happy to tell you.

How to use points. Rewards points can be redeemed for credit towards future purchases. We must know prior to enrollment of a new session that you would like to use rewards points for that enrollment. To redeem points, just let us know when you are filling out an enrollment form (online or on paper).

+ How does your Happiness Guarantee work?

Our desire for you is worry-free enrollment at Thrive. We’d like you to give your classes and lessons a try for at least 4 - 8 weeks. Because Arts Classes and Lessons stimulate the brain and body, it may take a month or two for your child to feel the flow of the class or lesson. If, after a sufficient amount of time, it isn’t what you dreamed of for your child, we’ll refund the balance of your class or lesson tuition that applies to the future of the refund request date. Enrollment fees, dance gear, art materials and Kindermusik Kits are yours to keep and are non-refundable.

+ How do I Join Thrive on Instagram and Facebook?

One of our values at Thrive is Family and Community. We are building a beautiful community on Instagram and Facebook and we’d love to have you to join us! Joining our social media pages is a great way to stay informed, to get to know us, and also a wonderful way for us to get to know you. We’re also excited to let you know that we’re growing our Private Facebook Group, Thriving Parents. This is a place for questions and conversations with like-minded families like you! Request to join us today.

+ What forms of payment do you take and when do I pay?

Classes and lessons can be paid in semi session installments or by monthly installments. We accept Cash, Check, MC, Visa, Discover, and AMEX. If choosing an installment plan, a credit card is required for those payments. Our system automatically processes the scheduled payments for you.

Upon enrolling for a session of classes or lessons

  • School Year: Prior to Aug 1, a deposit is taken and the first installment is processed on Aug 1.
  • Mid School Year: Upon enrollment, a deposit is taken along with the first installment. Your tuition is prorated and the next installment schedule will be defined upon enrollment.
  • Summer Session: Prior to May 1, a deposit is taken and the full payment or first installment is processed on May 1.

+ My enrolled child may have a sibling/friend (older, younger) with them, what can I do?

Occasionally a cousin is visiting, an older sibling does not have school, or perhaps you’re watching a friend’s child. For these rare occasions we do allow a drop in fee for the visiting child so they can enjoy the classroom experience with your child. Please contact us and let us know ahead of time so we can let you know if we have room in the specified class.

+ How do I know if classes are canceled due to bad weather?

If the weather outside is frightful and we decide to cancel classes and close Thrive, we will post the notification on the homepage of our website and on our Facebook page. We will send an email to all families, whose classes and lessons have been canceled. Please note: we do not always follow the Beachwood Schools for closings. Read or listen to the information carefully as sometimes we may close in the morning and open later in the day or vise versa. We will gladly help you schedule a make up class for any canceled classes.