Big Dreams Ahead. 

Thrive is a place where every child can pursue their interests and talents. With an extensive catalog filled with arts experiences and more than 20 years of expertise in music and movement, our dedicated staff is focused on nurturing personal growth. We are able to offer individually-curated experiences that allow your child to grow and learn and love what they do here. At Thrive, we know what makes hearts beat a little faster—how to find that on-switch that lights up faces—and we look forward to each and every opportunity to do just that.

Behind the Curtain.

From the first sweet sound of tiny voices singing, we knew. We began sharing our love of music with children through Kindermusik of Cleveland in 1996. And from that cherished first experience, we were committed to inspiring children and families through the arts.

Every day we were able to see the impact our patient and nurturing arts education had on little ones. And every time a child would graduate from our program, we longed to continue inspiring this magic beyond those age limits. We wanted to create a community that enables the curiosity, creativity, and burgeoning love of the arts to continue indefinitely. So we built it. And we call it Thrive Arts.

Thrive is a fine arts center that celebrates each child. Beginning with Kindermusik—and extending into instrument and voice lessons, dance, and visual arts—we allow students of every age to sing, move and express themselves without feeling judged. Thrive is a place where students can learn at their own pace, in their own way.

Thrive Arts promises to foster curiosity, confidence, collaboration, and community every day, and with every opportunity.

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A Personal Note.

We feel so fortunate that our success is measured in smiles and hugs, drawings and notes, and sweet stories. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to bring the arts that we cherish into your lives, and for welcoming us into your wonderful families.

Cathy and Kevin Huser

The Thrive Difference.


Through music, dance, and visual arts, Thrive Arts guides and inspires your child to be his amazing self! Here we're in love with the creative potential of wonder. Our passionate instructors will spark your child to nourish his talents and interests. The possibilities are endless!


Your child is wonderfully unique. At Thrive, we believe that each student deserves to pursue her interests and express the arts in her own way. Our developmentally appropriate instruction will ensure that each learning experience is the perfect fit for your child.


Our dedicated instructors work together to help your child discover her interests and identify her pathways through music, dance, and visual arts. For example, if your child in dance shows an interest in art, we'll encourage the trying of things.


Research shows that participating in and studying the arts improves your child’s total well-being. Our staff will engage with your child so that he will feel safe, loved, confident and comfortable to communicate his observations, questions, and desires.


Thrive is an arts-focused community, and that often includes family members and friends. Enjoy class time with your student while a sibling plays under our watchful eye in our childcare room. If you're waiting, get some me time in comfortable spaces throughout the center, including our coffee/tea bar, free and secure wifi, work spaces, and relaxing reading nooks.