Summer Camp Spotlight: Aloha Ukulele

Aloha young adventurers! Join us for an imaginary journey to the Polynesian Islands. Learn how to luau, play and perform the ukulele, and craft creations that express the culture and art of the islands. You'll be strumming in no time as you take home your very own ukulele!

We'll feed them a healthy snack each day. And plan your pick-up on Friday 15 minutes early so that you can witness your camper's Performance with their new friends!

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Summer Camp Spotlight: I'm A World Traveller

We’re packing our bags and have our passports in order. Now, onward to the mysteries and beauty awaiting us around the world! The best way to learn about each other and the world around us is to explore rich and exotic cultures through art, dance and music. We’ll visit cultures in Asia, Europe and the Americas as we sing, move, and create to expand our own world!

We'll feed them a healthy snack each day. And plan your pick-up on Friday 15 minutes early so that you can witness your camper's Performance with their new friends!

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Summer Camp Spotlight: I Like The Beach

Let's plunge below sea level to explore the dazzling creatures that swim and splash in this unique, hands-on experience between dance, art and music. Imagine your child's delight as they use their imagination to blow bubbles with blowfish, count the teeth of a shark, swim with whales, and make the sounds of the ocean. They might just build a sandcastle or two!

We'll feed them a healthy snack each day. And plan your pick-up on Friday 15 minutes early so that you can witness your camper's Performance with their new friends!

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Summer Camp Spotlight: My Fairy Garden

Your child will simply love the enchanting magic of their very own Fairy Garden, created and tended with love.

Their imagination and creativity soar as their Garden becomes their own in art, and they’ll experience and inhabit their magical world through music and dance.

We'll feed them a healthy snack each day. And plan your pick-up on Friday 15 minutes early so that you can witness your camper's Performance with their new friends!

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Where Is Your Child's Safe Place?

Where do you think their safe place is and let's talk about what I mean by that.

This came to my mind because dancers and music lesson kids are back at Thrive this week to start their Fall semester.

What's happened is there's something I noticed and as students came in our doors this week, some of them haven't been here in several weeks or even some a few months and they came in and smiles and open arms.

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What Is The Most Important Journey For Your Child?

Let's say you're out with your child going for a walk, and you're walking through the nature center, or the woods, or metro park, and you start at the beginning, and you know that you wanna go down to a certain point, or get to a certain point in the park.

After about 20 or 30 minutes you get there.

So what do you want your child to remember?

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What Happens When You Count To 12

I have a question for you. What happens when you count to 12? Let's count.

That may seem like a long time when you're with a toddler because it takes a toddler 12 times longer to process a piece of information than it takes for you to process it.

If you process something instantaneously within one second, it takes your toddler 12 seconds to process that information.

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What is Simply Music & Why Miss Dorina is Crazy About It

So Dorina, first tell us what is Simply Music?

Ms. Dorina: Well Simply Music is innovative method of teaching and learning piano. It comes originally from Australia. It's just about 30 years ago now, but I guess it's not as popular yet in here in the United States. And that method is developed on the premise that everybody, without any exclusions, is musical. Musical in their heart, musical in their body, and then there's just a wonderful way to bring it up. That was first very appealing thing.

Ms. Dorina: And the second appealing thing…

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Why Saying "No" Might Be A No-No

I want you to think about putting yourself inside your child's brain.

We often ask you to do that, and this is another great example of doing that again.

Let's say we just opened the doors to our Kindermusik classroom, and there are some musical instruments on the floor in the middle of the room.

Your child runs in joyfully and picks up an instrument and starts playing, and then goes to another child and tries to take the instrument out of that child's hand.

You see that happening and you say, "No!"

Well, now, what's happened inside your child's brain?

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Savor the Moment To Have a Teaching Moment

A mom recently asked me about what should she do when she has promised her daughter she's going to go somewhere, like let's say we have plans to go to the library today and her daughter starts acting up and behaving in ways that the mom was not thrilled about.

And she said “Okay, well then we're not going to go to the library.”

The mom asked, is that the right thing to do?

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Why Saying "You're OK" is Not OK

Let me tell you a little story. It was a full moon on Sunday evening, and I came in Monday morning to teach my classes. I was in such a wonderful mood, my 10:15 class on Monday morning, which is usually goes so smoothly and have such a fabulous time.

We learn lots of things, we talk about our educational values, and the activities are so fun because these kids, they are so adorable. They have learned to socialize with each other and get along, and we laugh and we have a great time.

Well, the first activity that I tried didn't really go so well. They just weren't having it.

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3 Steps to Saying Goodbye to "Good Job"

Last week, we explored Why Saying “Good Job” Isn’t So Good.

I thought we should follow this up and help you with this a little bit more.

We talked about why saying good job is not always so good because it really puts a judgment statement to your child and when you say good job, your child is thinking, “Well, what's so good? What did I do? What's so good?”

And then if you don't say good job, they're wondering, “Am I good?” “Why didn't you say good job to me?”

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Why Saying "Good Job" Isn't So Good

Let me give you an example.

First of all, in our Kindermusik classes, very often we hear, "Good job," a lot.

Children put instruments away. "Good job. You did it. Yay."

What's happening is, is that we are actually giving a judgment statement.

"Good. Good job. Good job."

But let me ask you this.

Which do you think is more meaningful to your child?

"Good job," or ….

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Why It's Good To Let Your Child "Fail"

That's a hard word to hear, fail! But allowing your child to fail is a very important step in their growth and development.

I noticed in some of our classes when we are exploring something with our children, as parents we want to help them through it. But by doing that we're helping them too much and we're doing it for them.

For example, if we asked the children to paint a rainbow, the parents say:

“Oh no, the rainbow arches just like this, and then this color goes next. Just like this. See, there's your rainbow.”

But in a child's eyes, what's the matter if the rainbow is just a bunch of blotches or a bunch of splatters?

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How To Prepare Your Child For The Arrival Of A Younger Sibling

Today we're going to answer Heather Young's question, "How to prepare my son for the arrival of our new baby, and his new baby brother."

Heather is due next month, so she's wondering what she can do to help her older child prepare for the arrival of a younger sibling.

First thing is - it's hard not to worry.

I know you're always worrying about that first born, or that older child, and how they're going to react, but I would like you to try to reframe what you think your child is thinking.

What's in his little brain? How is he perceiving things?

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What Is The Martha Stewart Effect and How Does It Affect Your Lives?

Our first subject for this Thrive Live is what is the Martha Stewart effect and how does it affect you?

This is something I've thought about for a long time because in our Kindermusik classrooms, I know that parents are always comparing their children to other children.

"Oh your child's walking? Mine's not walking.”

“Your child is eating solid foods? Mines not eating solid foods.”

“Your child's potty training? Mines not potty training yet.”

“Oh my goodness, I must be behind or I must be doing something wrong."

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The Best of Thrive Live 2018

In 2018 we launched our Facebook Live series “Thrive Live”. Every week we dive into exploring topics around early childhood development and how to make parenting easier.

These are topics that are truly important to us here at Thrive Arts Center and we infuse our expertise in these areas into all our classes. The series is proving to be incredibly popular amongst our social media following too, with over 9,000 views on Facebook.

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Fewer Toys = Happier Kids this Christmas

Blog inspired by “It’s true! Giving your kids fewer toys at Christmas makes them happier” by Anne-Marie Gambelin

With the festive season upon us, I have heard many parents in the Thrive studios talking about Christmas gifts for their little ones. The trends, fads, must-haves and “hot” toys change every year but the pressure on parents remains the same.

After all, we just want our children to be happy and to see those eyes lights up with delight on Christmas day.

You will be relieved to know that buying your child more STUFF might not be the answer to a happier household.

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