10 Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National Piano Month

September is National Piano Month! With an entire month devoted to this early 18th century instrument, we’ve come up with a few new, kid-friendly ways to celebrate!

  1. Learn About The History of the Piano. Take some time and read this in this comprehensive series from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  2. Take a Virtual Tour. Visit the Online Piano Museum and get a virtual, interactive history lesson. How cool is this?!

  3. See If It’s Time For Lessons. Think your child is ready for piano lessons of their own? Take this quiz to find out. 

  4. Update Your Piano Room. If you’re lucky enough to have a piano at home, give it a little TLC and update your piano room. Here are a couple of great decorating ideas

  5. The Right Kind of Background Noise. Play classical music during the day in the background of whatever else you’re doing. This is a great way to gently introduce classical music, even if you (or your children) aren’t ready to delve into a full-on study. 

  6. Make It A Game. Listen to classical music and try to identify what instruments you hear. Try making it a friendly competition to see who can pick out the most instruments! 

  7. Crafts and More Crafts. Make this sheet music mason jar for someone special. Or pick from this list of these kid-friendly piano-related crafts and keep things fun and simple.

  8. Take it Outside. Make this (adorable!) Giant Chalk Keyboard! It’s fun to draw, it gets the kids outside, and there are so many activities to be done once it’s complete! Check out this website for pictures and game ideas.

  9. Color it In. Print out this mandala-inspired coloring sheet and everyone can create their own masterpiece! 

  10. Make Some Sweet Treats. Treats as sweet as the music! Cookies or a cake can make any celebration a little more special.

Remember, it’s never too early or too often to expose children to classical music - it’s what they crave. Be sure to share this post, and tell us how your family is celebrating National Piano Month!