Creating a Special Bond Through Mommy and Me Music Classes

As a mom, you are the first person your child bonds with.

You are also a teacher, role model, and protector.

You want the best for your little one, and strive to create a safe and loving environment that will stimulate learning and independence.

What if there was a place to help you do just that? A place where you'll meet new friends, learn about your child's developmental stages, and be encouraged to learn right along side your child as you create memories together.


Our Mommy and Me Kindermusik classes come with extra special benefits

Learning Independence

From the moment we give birth to our children they are on their way to independence. With our Mommy and Me classes children learn to master being mobile while developing strong muscles through dancing, crawling and moving.

When your child feels safe in his environment his brain will open up for optimal learning. And with you by his side, you will help nourish his independence.

Socially Aware 

A child's first experience with being social comes from you.

Children are tactile and also interact through sight and sound. As you and your child socially connect, she will learn to see how others respond to her behaviors.

This also promotes social, cognitive and communication skills, further reinforcing her independence.

Language Development

A pivotal key to your child’s social development is how he communicates with others.

There is a strong correlation between music and language development. Music, like speech, has structure and syntax rules that apply.

Your child's brain picks up the patterns in the music, which in turn, stimulates his brain to understand the patterns of language.

Singing short syllables, like tra, la, doo, etc, help build the muscles needed for speaking.

Songs with animal sounds are an engaging way to encourage your child to sing these short sounds, as well as short pieces and parts of words.

Confidence Building 

Responding to your child's needs demonstrates a strong attachment to her physically, mentally and emotionally.

In a Mommy and Me Kindermusik class, the adult/child bond strengthens as you acknowledge and affirm your child in a loving manner.

Celebrating your little one's accomplishments ensures that she feels loved and valued.

When your child has a strong sense of self-worth she is confident and develops a healthy self-esteem.

Sometimes being a mom is challenging yet oh so rewarding! We all need ideas and strategies from time to time to make parenting practical and easier. Enrolling in a Kindermusik class provides problem solving solutions that are fun and educational. Oh and to your child you just may appear to be a Superhero! - way to get your cape on!

We welcome all Mommy Superheros to be!