How Music Makes Parenting Easier - Music Classes Help Moms and Dads, Too!

We often talk about how wonderful music is for our little ones. It helps them develop early literacy skills, enhances their imaginations, and it's just plain fun. But we don't always talk about how music makes parenting easier.

Here are three reasons that Kindermusik is good for moms (and dads), too:

Music add fun to everyday chores. Parents and kids together can sing a special "clean-up" song that makes putting toys away into a fun activity. Or, while you're brushing your kid's teeth, try singing this song to the tune of "Row your boat." Make up silly additional verses as you brush along!


Brush, brush, brush your teeth
And brush around your gums.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Brushing is so fun!!

Music gives parents a chance to hear their kids in a new way. It's so much fun as a parent to hear your child add their own creative verses to familiar songs. One time one of our toddlers insisted that Old MacDonald had "a baby goat, a daddy goat, and a mommy goat" on his farm. E-I-E-I-O!

Music classes are a great place to meet other parents. Being at home all day with active little ones can lead to feelings of boredom and isolation. Having a regular weekly class for you and your baby or toddler helps you connect to other moms and dads who are going through the same parenting stages as you are. We've noticed that many of our parents will meet and get to know each other in class and later schedule playdates or trips to the park with other families. It helps build our sense of community.

Music classes aren't only for the benefit of your little ones.

Join us to learn more about our engaging music classes for infants to age 7 (and their parents too!)