The Thrive Difference

Here at Thrive, we are driven by something greater than just music, art, and dance. Our values are interwoven into everything we do. But what exactly does that mean for you, your child and your family? 


Let's Dream Together

At Thrive Arts Center, we encourage students to let go and dream about what could be - lightening up on the notions of what a thing should be.

For example, in an art class students may see art from various masters - for inspiration and learning. With their imagination sparked and their creativity unleashed, students are encouraged to form their own ideas and to make their own wonderful masterpieces.

Dreaming and envisioning is where the magic begins. It happens naturally when we don’t feel the pressure of judgment or grading. It's all about the students sharing their dreams with us, and us helping them on the pathway to express them - in the music room, the dance room, or the art room.



Let's Play Together

“Play is Children's Work” 

Children's brains are wired to learn through play and experimentation. Many school settings are stifling the learning process. Kids sit too long, and teachers are forced to push too much academic work on the children. Kids are not playing enough in school. 

From birth to 7 yrs. children need open-ended exploration time to help them develop good executive function skills. 

In a Kindermusik class, for example,  we encourage open-ended exploration. There is no "right way" or "wrong way" to learn and explore - just "your" way. We encourage open collaboration from child to child, child to parent, and child to teacher. Just watch the beauty of how your child examines an instrument without being told how to do it. 

We find that when learning is playful it's not only engaging and fun, but It allows a child to "color outside of the lines" and openly work together with others to collectively achieve.

We facilitate but we don't dictate.


Let's Express Together

We don't ask you to fit in here. We encourage you to express your unique self.

Our dream is that you feel comfortable here, and accepted, safe, acknowledged, and valued. We love who you are,  how you learn, and how you're expressing yourself.

We encourage students who are in a classroom together to accept each other’s differences and accept each other's uniqueness. This way we create a lot more harmony.

Harmony will radiate from our spaces.

It's a very magical moment when you look around the room and everyone is expressing themselves uniquely - whether an instrument play along in Kindermusik, a free-style movement in a dance class, an improvisation on the piano, or creative mini-masterpieces in an art class. 



Let's Laugh Together

We love to celebrate the unexpected! And to flavor the work of learning new things. Our instructors guide you in classes and lessons in a lighthearted and engaging way. It's a joyful experience. 

Human beings radiate what's in their heart. We can all feel this energy. Our goal is to have you radiating more joy after you're here for a while than when you first entered the space. 

Families today lead busy and sometimes rushed lives. It's important to have a space that allows you to relax and breathe in the happiness. It's wonderful to see family members relax, and also feel the outer joy and the magical experience that students are having.

It’s just the most magical feeling you get when you're here. 


Let's Learn Together

When you honor the process of how a student learns and you acknowledge and notice each step that they take, you are helping them build confidence to try new things, to take that next step, and to take that risk.

To take that next step knowing that they will not be judged.

You are giving them confidence and you're giving them a place where they feel safe to take small steps to reach their dreams.

For example, think about a music student learning a new piece of music. If you're always commenting about the end product of how this student is going to perform a piece, all of the magic of accomplishing each small step needed to get there is going to be missing from that learning process.

We want to help build a learning foundation by teaching a child how to persist, how to take a risk, how to take the next step, how to work one little thing at a time. This encourages them to focus,  to lengthen their attention span, to analyze and solve problems.

Honoring the process of learning develops executive function skills.



Let's Grow Together

Building a community with people who share your values allows for an extra deep connection with them. 

People are craving community and connection today because we share fewer in-person interactions, not as many deep conversations, and have less time to slow down and enjoy friends and company. You're rushed, you're busy, and you're not able to slow down and take a deep breath.

Thrive is a place where you can slow down, you can meet people with like-minded values, and you can meet other parents who care about their child's development in the same way that you do.

When you feel that you belong, it's very comforting. It feels very safe and it feels like there are people to support you.