Using Music To Solve Babysitting Woes

Recently, I agreed to babysit my friends’ toddler boy.

This was going to be easy breezy. 

I’ve babysat my nephews and niece, I’ve babysat for my friends and for the friends of my friends, I’ve even babysat triplets, I am a pro babysitter and have seen it all. 

My system is simple but effective. 

Change the diaper: Check. 
Feed him yogurt: Check. 
Give him water: Check. 
Clean the vomit: Check. 
Wait what?!?  

His parents warned me that he suffers from two troubling maladies, severe separation anxiety and GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease). 

"He's going to cry until he starts to vomit, and then he'll vomit until... Well, until I come back,” said his mother with little doubt in her voice.  

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Looking at the boy who was “glued” to the iPad screen, I vividly imagined a gruesome picture of everything and everyone in a proximity of five feet covered in tears and morphed mac and cheese.

  “He loves his songs,” his mother said nodding towards the iPad, which yanked me out of my dark thoughts, “But I can’t have him stare at this thing all day long.” 

A-ha!  Music was going to be the answer once again! 

iPad away, lets have some real fun!

Being a devoted Kindermusik mom, I knew that connecting through singing and creating rituals was going to assure my success.

No sooner had I started to recreate a Kindermusik lesson, I found another fan of the activities, and I would like to think, my singing. 

My new little buddy was mesmerized, engaged, and still full of macaroni.  

As I was leaving, I assured his grateful mom that I would gladly return next week and in subsequent weeks to come.

In time, I believe Kindermusik practice will help him trust and bond with others.  Maybe, it will even prove salutary for his troublesome tummy. 

One thing that I do know - Kindermusik was the start of our wonderful friendship. 

Written by Dorina Nikolaeva, Kindermusik mom, Kindermusik Teacher, and one lucky toddler's new best friend.

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