Dance Recital Information

The Recital is now SOLD OUT. There will not be any tickets available at the door. Thank you for your amazing support of our dance students.

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Dress Rehearsal
Friday May 17, 6:00 pm

Call Time: 5:45 PM

All dancers should report to the orchestra room (door is directly off the parking lot and will be marked) at Beachwood High School no later than 5:45pm. Here you can meet your class chaperone and help your child get into their costume. The chaperones will escort you and your child directly to the auditorium for the rehearsal. Our desire is to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, so your timely arrival is much appreciated! The rehearsal begins promptly at 6:00.

  • At time of arrival, please ensure hair is done, any makeup has been applied, and if applicable, leotards and/or tights are already on - no underpants please. Costume elements such as tutus and ballet slippers should NOT be put on until the dancers are in the orchestra room.

Thrive Arts Center staff will give a brief outline of the afternoon once everyone is promptly in their seats in the auditorium.

Food and Drink: Beachwood High School does not allow food or drink (water included) in the foyer and auditorium. There are water fountains back stage for thirsty little ones. Bathrooms are close by, back stage.

notes on costume:

You are encouraged to have your child NOT wear underwear under their tights for class, as a way to prepare them for the performance during which they will be asked to only wear their leotard/costume and tights.

notes on makeup:

We do not require dancers to apply makeup for this recital, your delightful dancer’s expressive faces will light up the stage! If your family chooses to do so, we ask that you be conservative with the amount of product applied and limit it to the following:

  • lipstick, mascara, blush

  • Please refrain from the use of: eyeliner, eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, and all forms of glitter.

Notes on hair:

We want to see your little one’s precious face as they are performing. Therefore, please make sure hair is neatly pulled back away from the face and secured to stay in place for the length of the recital.

Preferred styles for Leap ‘N Learn students: classic bun or french twist.


Beachwood High School
25100 Fairmount Blvd.
Beachwood, OH 44122


Dance Recital
Sunday May 19, 4:30 pm

Call Time: 4:00 PM

Arrival time is 4:00pm - Parents should bring their children DIRECTLY to the backstage orchestra room - through the outdoor entrance. Adults will then be directed to go back outside and enter through the main entrance to get to the auditorium.

  • Please do not bring food and drink (including water) into the school. Beachwood High School does not allow food and drink in the foyer and auditorium.

  • Please do not allow your child to eat or drink while wearing their leotard and tights, and other aspects of their costume.

  • At time of arrival, please ensure hair is done, any makeup has been applied, and if applicable, leotards and tights are already on, sans underpants. Costume elements such as tutus and ballet slippers should NOT be put on until the dancers are in the theater.

  • An adult will be present at all times in the backstage room, so belongings are welcome to stay there during the run of the performance.

4:30pm - SHOWTIME!

  • Your child will sit with their class until it is time for them to perform.

  • After they perform their Class Chaperone will take them back to sit with their class again and release them to you as soon as the recital is over. We can’t wait for you to celebrate with your little dancer. Since our other performers will need an attentive audience, this will allow you and your little one to have your special “You did it!” moment with unhindered excitement!

AFter the Recital

  • The show lasts approximately 1 hour, which gives you the perfect opportunity to make plans to celebrate with your little dancer following the recital.


Volunteers Needed!

  • Volunteers will see the show for free and do not need to purchase a ticket. Register your interest by contacting us here.

  • Roles needed:

    Class chaperones (13)

    Chaperones will be able to see the entire performance, aside from the few dances before and after their assigned class. Thrive staff will ensure the show order allows them to see their child perform.

Recital Tickets

  • The Recital is SOLD OUT As Of May 16

  • Remember that 2 adult tickets were included in the price of your recital fee.

    • $15 for adults 18 and over

    • $5 for children 4yrs-17yrs

    • Children 3 and under attend for free

    • Dancers are not asked to purchase a ticket

  • The auditorium seats 500+ and tickets are sold as open seating.