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Level 1
1 - 2 years

A Joyful environment of discovery

Get ready to sing, play, and move with your little one in this engaging music class designed for older babies and young toddlers. Together we'll explore just the right mix of early-childhood vocal play and language development, together time, and music and movement activities - all within a delicious blend of singing, swaying, laughing, and playing. 

uncover an engaging musical world

As you play instruments, sing, and dance, you'll uncover an engaging musical world while building your toddler's confidence, self control, and early language skills. Your little one's natural curiosity will be stimulated in a joyful, engaging environment of discovery. 

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Dynamic Development

Level 1 unfolds exciting musical discoveries! Imagine the delight in your young toddler's eyes as they explore and play with brightly colored scarves, hoops, mirrors, jingling bells, and more!  An introduction to basic musical concepts will give them a growing ability to recognize and follow patterns in music,  a fundamental skill linked to math and language. A beginning competency in self-regulation takes hold. Development of basic gross and fine motor skills help with balance and coordination. Together, we'll sing songs that include motions, repetition, and a variety of meters and modes - all to stimulate singing and language development. The Kindermusik Level 1 environment sets the perfect foundation to help your child grow and thrive. 

We allow plenty of room for busy toddlers to explore and discover, to intitiate their own ideas, and to respond in their own way while your active participation provides the security your little one needs. 

The Magic Continues at Home

Musical treasures give you the tools for at home learning. Your Kindermusik Kit includes:

  • Special musical instrument

  • A new kit every 8 weeks!

  • CD of class music

  • Beautiful board book


You and your young toddler will love exploring together, learning new words, singing songs, and dancing around the living room. Children love the CDs of class music! The music is composed of varying rhythms, voices, arrangements, and modes of music to help them grow up with an artist’s pallet of appreciation for music.

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The Thrive Guarantee

Worry Free enrollment!

Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button, and refund the balance of your tuition.

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Your Instructors

From the moment you arrive at your first Kindermusik class you will be warmly welcomed by our team of caring and nurturing teachers. 

All of our instructors are highly skilled Kindermusik educators with years of experience specializing in early childhood development.

Meet Our Instructors >>

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Kindermusik Kits: $70 each, one in September and one in January.

Tuition: 35 weeks, Sept. - June.
Payment options:

  • Pay semi-annually:
    2 @ $332.50 (save $35)

  • Pay installments:
    10 @ $70.

Enrollment Fee: $20

Enrolling after the start of the semester will prorate your tuition.

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What You'll Experience in
Kindermusik Level 1
1 - 2 years

A Just Right Mix of Movement and Language Development For Your Emerging Toddler.

  • Instrument Play - Age appropriate experiences with child-safe instruments will enhance a sense of rhythm and steady beat, develop a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of a sound, and encourage spontaneity and creativity.

  • Dance - A classroom full of children and adults dancing together helps your child's little body develop the muscle strength needed to walk, and helps his/her little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

  • Exploration Time - Stimulate your child's natural curiosity in an inviting environment discovering specially designed instruments, textures, sounds, movements, interesting objects, and age-appropriate props.

  • Musical Concepts - Even the littlest musicians and their parents benefit from early exposure to basic musical fundamentals like loud and quiet, musical form, tempo, timbre, steady beat, and more!

  • Together Time - A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of quality time, offering you a place to create special memories with your little one, gain new insights into your child's development, and nurture his/her natural love of music.

  • Expert Advice - Consider Kindermusik a child development class as your educator explains what to watch for every step of the way and how each activity enhances your child's complete development.


I don’t know who likes Kindermusik kids or me!

- Suresh G.

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Level 1 Schedule

Search the Level 1 School Year Schedule below to find a class on a day and time that best suits you.

If your baby is not yet walking or prefers a less busy environment, you may enjoy a Foundations Class for 0 - 1.5 yrs. 

If your young toddler is over 18 months, no longer mouthing objects, follows simple directions, and enjoys being with older children, you may enjoy a Level 2 Class for 1.5 - 3.5 yrs.




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Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button and refund the balance of your tuition.