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Level 2
1.5 - 3.5 years

musical discovery and delight

Open the door to our Kindermusik Level 2 classroom and marvel at magical musical interactions. Toddlers expand their focus through instrument explorations and listening sequences. Engaging Stop-and-Go games help them take control of their bouncy bodies. Singing voices emerge, language blossoms, and playful interactions take flight.

bring out the best in your child

Kindermusik Level 2 is designed to meet your toddler at the perfect point of learning - through playful interactions, creative explorations, and a friendly social environment. Your toddler is encouraged to initiate their own ideas rather than conform to what the “right” answer is. They will feel valued in the process of how they learn best. 

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Terrifically Tuned to Toddlers

Musical cues set your child in motion. Inside the classroom you'll hear songs with language patterns that help your little one explore rhythm and speech. Little learners are delighted to discover a wide range of musical concepts and participate in musical interactions with others. They are encouraged to try new movements and sounds so they can seefeel, and hear the music. This strengthens their ability to memorize, sequence, and predict patterns. Kindermusik Level 2 is multi-sensory stimulation and learning at its best.

Your teacher will share the secrets behind the magic that happens in class and how the intentional musical learning impacts your child's growth and development. 

The Magic Continues at Home

Your child can’t wait to play with their specially themed Kindermusik Carry Case filled with musical treasures. Your Kindermusik Kit includes:

  • Special musical instrument

  • Educational activity book

  • 2 CDs of class music

  • 2 Beautiful story books


You and your toddler will love exploring together, telling stories, singing songs, and dancing around the living room. Toddlers love the CD’s of class music! The music is composed of varying rhythms, voices, arrangements, and modes of music to help her grow up with an artist’s pallet of appreciation for music.

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The Thrive Guarantee

Worry Free enrollment!

Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button and refund the balance of your tuition.

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Your Instructors

From the moment you arrive at your first Kindermusik class you will be warmly welcomed by our team of caring and nurturing teachers. 

All of our instructors are highly skilled Kindermusik educators with years of experience specializing in early childhood development.

Meet Our Instructors >>

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Kindermusik Kit: $70 each, one in September and one in January.

Tuition: 35 weeks Sept. - June.
Payment options:

  • Pay semi-annually:
    2 @ $332.50 (save $35)

  • Pay installments:
    10 @ $70.

Enrollment Fee: $20

Enrolling after the start of the semester will prorate your tuition.

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What You'll Experience in
Kindermusik LEVEL 2
 1.5 - 3.5 years

Level 2 Opens the Door to a Whole New World of Musical Discovery and Delight

  • Songs and Rhymes - Kid-friendly, age-appropriate songs and chants help develop your toddler's vocabulary and encourage him/her to find his/her own voice.

  • Instrument Exploration Play - You will be right there with your toddler exploring a variety of instruments and learning about timbre, steady beat, and all the different ways to shake, tap, and jingle along.

  • Active Movement - Experts tell us that movement is key to learning. Every Level 2 class includes creative movement activities designed to help your child develop a strong sense of rhythm, an increased vocabulary, and a joyful outlet for self-expression.

  • Story Time - Music and language go hand-in-hand. We'll help enhance your child's language development through interactive story time, using our bodies and voices in fun ways to help express what's happening on the written page.

  • Expert advice - Your Kindermusik educator explains what to watch for every step of the way, and how each musical activity enhances your child's complete development.

Spending time with my two year old in class reminds me of how important our one-on-one time is together. I feel joy watching her learn and try new things in class. Those moments stay with me.

- Amy H.

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Level 2 Schedule

Search the Level 2 School Year Schedule below to find a class on a day and time that best suits you.

If your toddler is just 18 months, is still mouthing objects, gets overwhelmed with older children, you may prefer a Level 1 Class for 1-2 yrs.

If your 3 yr. old is ready for more independent learning, play-based storytelling through music, and separates easily, you may prefer a Level 3 Class for 3 - 5 yrs.




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Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button and refund the balance of your tuition.