Big Dreams Ahead

Thrive is a place where every child can pursue their interests and talents. With an extensive catalog filled with arts experiences and more than 20 years of expertise in music and movement, our dedicated staff is focused on nurturing personal growth. We are able to offer individually-curated experiences that allow your child to grow and learn and love what they do here. At Thrive, we know what makes hearts beat a little faster—how to find that on-switch that lights up faces—and we look forward to each and every opportunity to do just that.

The Curtain

From the first sweet sound of tiny voices singing, we knew. We began sharing our love of music with children through Kindermusik of Cleveland in 1996. And from that cherished first experience, we were committed to inspiring children and families through the arts.

Every day we were able to see the impact that our patient and nurturing arts education had on little ones. And every time a child would graduate from our program, we longed to continue inspiring this magic beyond those age limits. We wanted to create a community that nourishes the curiosity, creativity, and burgeoning love of the arts to continue indefinitely. So we built it. And we call it Thrive Arts.

Thrive is an arts center that celebrates each child. Beginning with Kindermusik—and extending into instrument and voice lessons, dance, and visual arts—we allow students of every age to sing, move and express themselves without feeling judged. Thrive is a place where students can learn at their own pace, in their own way.


Thrive Arts promises to foster curiosity, confidence, collaboration, and community every day, and with every opportunity.

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