the Thrive Difference
Our Values

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Let’s Dream Together

In order for a child to follow their dreams, they first have to dream them. At Thrive we encourage dreams to take flight. Curiosity and confidence emerges with the trying of new things. Each child at Thrive is on a path, enriching their lives along the way with music, dance and art.


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Let’s Play Together

Our journey is so much more nourishing, and our celebrations so much more joyful, when we are with friends working together, sharing our challenges, exchanging ideas and mixing things up. And in this environment, artistic curiosity leads to a beautiful blending of ideas, goals, and dreams.

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Let’s Express Together

Your child is wonderfully unique and has so much to share with us! At Thrive, we believe that each student deserves to pursue their interests and express the arts in their own way. Your passionate and experienced teachers will value each student for who he or she is, and will inspire each to continue their journey in the arts! Our developmentally appropriate instruction will ensure that each learning experience is the perfect fit for your child.

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Let’s Laugh Together

Here we're in love with the creative potential of wonder. Experience magical memorable moments that ignite a desire to be creative, to move expressively, and to love making music. Our passionate instructors will infuse sparkle and joy into your experience, creating an enthusiastic celebration of personal progress. The possibilities are endless!

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Let’s Learn Together

Celebrating the process of learning and the intrinsic value of advancing along their chosen path is a wonderful gift for your student. Your child will learn to love the process of creating as much as the end result. And you will love watching your student reach their goals when they love the activities that get them there.  

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Let’s Grow Together

When expanding the mind and learning new skills, unconditional acceptance from family and friends is key. At Thrive, you’ll hear loving words of support for your child from instructors and peers alike as they progress, and as they explore new ideas and try new things.